mukilteoI love words. More specifically, I love putting them together. They dance, swirl, sift and twirl through my mind until I eventually get them out. Sometimes it’s in my journal. Other times, in a notebook or on the computer. This blog will serve as another place for them to land. It’s called
Pied Type, Continued in honor of the Gilroy Dispatch column my dad wrote for close to twenty years. As his editor said, dad used to write about “basically any topic that happened to strike his fancy and tumble forth onto the keyboard that particular week.”  And while it shares the same title, you won’t find political opinions or local controversies here. You’ll find
stories and thoughts about the things that strike my fancy and that are close to my heart: my family, my boys, my faith, my friends, even running.

You also won’t find many photos here. I think part of the fun—and my job in telling a story—is writing so that you, the reader, can conjure it up in your mind’s eye.

Thanks for checking it out and for reading some of my stories. I still consider it a work in progress. As the words and ideas dance through my mind, I’ll continue to weave
them together and put them here. Mostly, because I love words, and I love putting them


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