Oops, He Did It Again…

The broken arm I got.

The chipped tooth? Almost comical.

Now a broken thumb.

I’m stumped.

In a season that has been fraught with physical challenges—that have also turned into mental ones—I am left scratching my head over my 10-year-old’s latest injury: a broken thumb as he played catcher Wednesday night.

It feels like I’ve used up—and even overused—all words of encouragement, positive feedback and optimistic support. What do I have left to say to a boy who simply wants to play ball?

I sent an email to his coach yesterday—before we knew it was broken— to fill him in on the injury and let him know Rass would miss practice. I also said that prayers would be appreciated. In that moment, as I typed the note on my phone, I was grateful for the simplicity of that.

That I could ask his coach to pray.

And that I knew that he would.

It’s been a different season than we thought it’d be.

But in the midst of my befuddlement and head scratching, there’s one thing I’m certain of: I’m thankful that I could ask his coach to pray.

And that I knew that he would.




4 thoughts on “Oops, He Did It Again…

  1. Awe… Snap! It is confusing. Praying for healing and growth through the uninvited hard times!

  2. Catching is the only contact position in baseball . You’ve got somebody always throwing a ball at you as hard as they can. Meanwhile, you’ve got someone with a club right next to your head swinging away. You hope that when they hit the ball, it goes away from you. Most of the time it does. But that’s why you are heavily armored and masked. Every now and then, somebody comes hurtling their body at you at top speed at the same time someone else is throwing that ball lightning quick. At least one collision will ensue. And this is a sport, just like the gladiators….. I know the Christians prayed in the arena, I just know it.

  3. wonderful to be among a community that loves our kids – and prays for them – as much as we do. hang in there, mama. this too shall pass…(please say this to me when it’s my turn again, k?)

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