Bad News Thursdays

My husband has come home from work the past three Thursdays with some Bad News. Some that’s affected other people. Some that’s affected him. Some that’s felt like a punch in the gut.

But I’m finding that the thing about Bad News is that sometimes, when you look a little deeper, you see that at its core, it’s full of possibility. It can jar you out of your day-to-day. It can force you to stop thinking how you’ve been thinking or doing what you’ve been doing for a long time—perhaps even years. It allows you to come at things from new angles, approach things with a fresh perspective, examine things in new ways. Bad News can expand your thinking and broaden your horizons. I live in an area where there are airplanes to be built, batteries to be fixed and lattes to be made. Who’s to say I can’t be a part of that?

But the other thing about Bad News is that it can threaten to become something bigger. Given the right amount of time and attention, it can fester and grow until it becomes a Bad Mood, Bad Outlook, Bad Attitude, Bad Day. So when I start to take a few steps down that dark path of what-if, I utter my spin on a line from Jesus in Matthew 16:23 “Get behind me, Satan.” I stop myself in my tracks, grab hold of the negative thought, and say “Get behind me, Red Legs.” I’ve made up my mind to stay in today, looking forward. I’m going to see the possibility that’s woven within, banishing ol’ Red Legs, along with the Bad News, to a place far, far to my rear.

So today I’m simply hoping for one thing: No News.

Because as the saying goes, sometimes that is the Good News.


4 thoughts on “Bad News Thursdays

  1. Thank you Kira! So much truth in what you say. We have the freedom to not let circumstances define us. We give circumstances meaning and control by letting the possibilities offer hope, or not. Clearly easier said than done sometimes!

  2. Sometimes what we think is bad, is actually good wrapped up in a very tight knot. Once we untie that knot, all that is wonderful appears. I remember when my husband got laid off, he came home happy and I was full of tears. He told me it was a good thing and I never believed it. In the end, he was well over 100% right!!

  3. Kira, I loved reading this! Perspective is so important isn’t it? I think we need constant reminders of that becuase it is so easy to fall into the negative trap. Thank you for your blog! I miss you! (And I live way too close to you to miss you! We need to rememdy that!!!)

  4. That-a-girl. Keep that positive attitude. You’ll be surprised at the opportunites that are all around us that without the right attitude we would miss. Change can be a great thing. Thanks for sharing your blog! May God bless you and your family with incredible opportunites. XO

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