Second In The Sunshine Streak

I first heard it on the skylight,
A sound from long ago,
At three a.m. I realized,
No record now, oh no!

No rain for 48 long days,
The record is 51,
We in the Pacific Northwest,
Have been relishing the sun,

A storm blew in as we slept,
First place will not be ours,
We’ll sigh in dismay on our brown lawns,
And in our clean and shiny cars,

The morning brought us fresh, cool air,
That I breathed in at dawn,
And though the streak is over now,
The beauty lingers on,

The leaves with hints of red and orange,
Create a magnificent display,
A breeze that blows by softly says,
A transition is underway,

The rain has left us quickly,
Today the sun is back for more,
And now we’ll just enjoy it,
With no more keeping score.