Letter To An Unappreciated Friend

My Dearest One-and-Only —

I’m writing to say I’m sorry and also to express my deepest thanks. I know I’ve been hard on you.
I know you’ve felt taken advantage of. Rightfully so. I know in the midst of the day-to-day I haven’t really taken the time to simply stop and say “thank you.”

Things are different now. I can’t deny that. I think you, too, can admit it. The simple act of walking down the stairs first thing in the morning isn’t quite what it used to be. It seems to take some concentrated effort. Truth be told, I can barely see the numbers and letters on my cell phone anymore. My 9-year-old has to read my texts aloud when I don’t have reading glasses on. A blurry photo of my sister and that guy from Grimm now alerts me when she calls.

You’ve obviously heard the quips about getting old. That seems to be what we forty-somethings do. We try to make light of it, but I can understand how you’d feel disrespected. I know I’ve been demanding, just expecting you to show up and do what I ask. Run 45 minutes. Or 60. Or two hours. Quite honestly, I’ve viewed you as a workhorse. Admittedly, I’ve looked at you with disdain, thinking if you were just a few pounds lighter, we’d be faster. But I also understand that Cheez-Its aren’t the most nutritious food source. I’m working on that.

For those things, I am truly sorry.

But more than just empty words, I hope the steps I’ve taken recently show my sincerity. Like applying those ice packs. Or the soothing Maui Excellent Volcano Oil Gel I’m using to massage you tenderly and gently. I hope they’re both bringing you some comfort and relief. I think we can agree that the new foam roller we got for stretching and working out kinks is the best $14 we’ve ever spent. Hurts so good.

I’ll close with this reminder: just two months and three days until Marathon Day. I realize now more than ever that we’re in this together. I apologize for not listening to you. I hope you’ll forgive me for overlooking your needs. Here’s one thing I can promise you: I will continue to be thankful for you each and every day.

With gratitude for you and all the behind-the-scenes players —
(including the patellar tendons, kneecaps, quads, hammies, cardiovascular system, feet, arms, and yes, even eyeballs),



5 thoughts on “Letter To An Unappreciated Friend

  1. As the years pass for all of us a gentle thought for us to say thank you to our bodies. And Kira you are still such a kid. LOVE MOM

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