The World’s Best

I guess I thought I was the only one who felt like she had the best dad in the world.

The beauty of yesterday is that I discovered that I wasn’t.

This weekend I gathered some art supplies and the boys sat at the kitchen table to create their Father’s Day greetings. My 8-year-old decided that rather than doing a card or a poem for his dad, he’d write a letter. He chose a piece of vellum and hand drew lines on it with a ruler. I left him alone with his thoughts. He used his very best printing. Here are some of his (unedited) words:

Dear dad,
Thank you for being my dad. Your the best dad in the world……..Do you know what makes you the best dad? The thing that makes you the best dad is….hanging around with me when its just you and me and watching baseball and going to mariners games that is the things that makes you the best dad!

My eyes filled with tears, my heart with gratitude.

It felt like another connection, another way to carry Huckster on —not just in memories, character, spirit and words, but in our relationships.

By holding close to the things that he held dear, like family, we are holding him close to our hearts.

Dear dad,
Thank you for being my dad. Your the best dad in the world.


4 thoughts on “The World’s Best

  1. A beautiful tribute to all the best Dads in the the world esp. the Huckster. LOVE MOM

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