What’s The Logic?

I like to think of myself as a reasonably intelligent SJSU grad with fairly decent communication skills. Conversations often flow — there is a nice back-and-forth rhythm, a give-and-take, if you will. Information is gleaned. Insights are shared.

Except when you hang out with a three-year-old.

All day, everyday.

Add in your head being stuffed up with a cold. Not only do conversations lag, they come to a standstill. I am stopped in my tracks by my little guy’s comments and need some time to regroup. Here are a few of his examples from a one-hour period last night:

As I attempt to crank up the car radio to enjoy One Direction’s catchy, upbeat tune What Makes You Beautiful: “Please turn it off. I don’t have my shoes on.”

As I make up a bedtime story about Batman and Robin being hungry and eating chips and salsa together: “No, Batman and Robin AREN’T hungry.”

“I’m not flossing. I have a cold.”

The idea of reasonable intelligence goes right out the window. The adult in me wants to react with wisdom, guidance and patience, something along the lines of “That doesn’t even make any sense.”

Instead, I buy myself a little time to weigh my options.

“I’ll have to think about that…”

Then, I proceed.

I turn off the radio, knowing I won’t be able to sing back-up for the cute boy band amid protestations from the back seat.

OK, Batman and Robin don’t eat chips and salsa, they simply enjoy each other’s company.

We always floss. Even with a cold.

You win some. You lose some. You pick your battles, as we moms like to say.

Hopefully as the head clears, I won’t find myself questioning my sanity quite so often.

Or maybe it’s just life with a three-year-old — it goes with the territory.


I’ll have to think about that…


5 thoughts on “What’s The Logic?

  1. LOL!! As a fellow mom, I am giggling right now! Just take a deep breath and write those moments down for a little laugh later in life. Those moments are fewer as they grow older and get more “serious”. Although, my 9 year old still makes me turn off the radio when he gets in the car stating that it is too noisy for car ride we are about to take. It’s probably all of the singing from his sister and mother that he has to endure. It makes me reflect on what you put up with when we went for a drive in Gilroy. 😉 Hope you feel better soon! XO, Karen

  2. you speak the truth sister! we have some of the very same “conversations” in our house. Love it!

  3. Oh my. There are some you’re NOT going to win. Wise woman in the choosing of your battles.

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