Go Grammas!

Two times a week, we visit the Ladies’ Locker Room at one of our local indoor swimming pools so my three-year-old son can get decked out for his Tadpole lesson. While there are preschool-aged children, high school athletes or moms with toddlers showering and changing, those apparently aren’t the ones who are making an impression on him.

Last week we had his big brother in tow, so I asked my son if he’d like to do his pre-swim rinse off in the private Family Shower.

“No, I want to go to the Grammas’ Room,” he replied.

Say what?

“You mean, the big locker room?” I asked.

“Yes. The Grammas’ Room.”

I was struck by his take on the room that we frequent. He sees a lot of gramma-aged women there each week: these ladies are dedicated to their workout routines. Some of them are there for lap swimming. Most of them are there for water aerobics. These grammas, like his own, are showing him something important: a commitment to exercise and staying active, no matter what the age.

So whether it’s walking, lap swimming or water aerobics, go Grammas.

You are touching little lives in a big way.


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