Tonight’s Gonna Be a Good Night

On a day that is steeped in tradition and rich with memories, the morning had the sense of having one foot dangling in the past, and one hovering in the present.

Until Frog Fitness Day.

After a significant sleep deprivation meltdown, my 3-year-old and I headed up to the Elementary school for a PTA fundraiser, Frog Fitness Day: recesses filled with running, skipping, hopping, walking backwards, and limboing…all to a live DJ. To add to the fun and festivities, I donned a rainbow wig, giant yellow sunglasses (like a pair I got at Great America in Sixth Grade) and a foam finger. As the tunes blared–everything from “Life is a Highway” to “I’m Elmo and I Know It”– we raced around the covered playground area, singing, dancing, laughing and acting goofy. It was an afternoon filled with joy, as teachers, parents, and the principal took to the outdoors to spend Valentine’s Day with the kids. Around and around I went, belting out words to songs I didn’t even know I knew, like the Bieb’s “Baby” and Lady Gaga’s “Just Dance.” The foam finger went up, out and about, pointing, clapping and high-fiving–creating a spectacle as I skipped along in my colorful wig. At one point, my 8-year-old made it out for his recess. Surprisingly, he didn’t completely ignore me. As the DJ continued to play and they began to line up after their running/skipping/hopping time, Rassy’s basketball teammate/classmate Jeremy started break dancing right next to me. I was inspired. Although I didn’t hit the pavement, I did start bustin’ a move myself, and–having never possessed the gift of dance, like my sister–I just went with it. Arms and legs were flying. Hips were moving. Jeremy was spinning. I heard Rassy in my periphery, “What the heck?” as he watched his good buddy cut a rug with his mom. He wasn’t horrified or embarrassed. In fact, I may have even sensed some delight there.

So today, we have laughed, we have exercised, we have been silly…we have created some wonderful new memories.

And tonight we will eat heart-shaped pizza, with one foot firmly planted in the present and one stretching out into the future, propelled and inspired by Valentine’s Days of years’ past and the words of Lady Gaga:

Just dance… gonna be OK.


2 thoughts on “Tonight’s Gonna Be a Good Night

  1. Love it. I’m a little worried about the wardrobe on your end, but then again, we had a blast in gold lame and taffeta in day gone by. You are a gem. C

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