Run Sister Run

She’s kicking my butt right now.

The thought first comes to me on New Year’s Day, as I hang up the phone pondering my sister’s 7-mile run. It hits me again today, during my 3-mile morning run, as I reflect on the 8-miler she’s going to do this weekend.

She’s kicking my butt right now.

We are signed up to do the 9.3 mile Shamrock Run together in Portland next month. Her training is progressing: I hear about her tackling hills, tracking her mileage and shaving time off her pace. I imagine her gracefully and lithely floating across the finish line, breathing easily and confidently, radiant and glowing with a sense of accomplishment. I imagine me, breathing heavily, hunched over — red-faced — and plodding along behind her.

While I am simply trying to squeeze in a 2 or 3 miler here and there, I am filled with admiration for her dedication and commitment. And it’s not the physical things that strike me so much. It’s what I hear in her voice: Strength. Healing. Determination. Hope. Running is bringing some incredible things into her life, like running partners and new friends. She’s discovering Portland and her surroundings on foot, through training runs and organized events. I am in awe of it.

Yes, she’s kicking my butt right now. But she’s inspiring and motivating me in a way that I’m so grateful for, and in a way that I really need.

Run sister run.

Hopefully I won’t be too far behind.


8 thoughts on “Run Sister Run

  1. you will be right beside me sister, I know it. I also know I will be red-faced, regardless of my training!

    Motivation goes both ways, & I am where I am because you led the way!

    Love you!

  2. i was wondering how this little paradigm shift would go….glad to hear its working for both of you!!

  3. Well, let me just say that you are both my heros. Running…what’s that? Oh yeah, I think that involves body movement, heavy breathing, and joints that ache! I admire you both! I might even be inspired to take a walk. (Don’t mind the creaking sounds coming from my body as I walk down the street!) All my best to you both as you conquer your run. How awesome it is that you are doing together too!! While you are hard at it, know that my training will consist of tackling stairs, tracking my caloric intake, and shaving my legs! Oh, and maybe drinking a Shamrock shake! RUN GIRLS RUN XOXO Have fun!

  4. Well I would be at the finiish line with a smile…but.out of breath from the walk from the parking lot. So feel really, really proud of yourselves. You put me to shame sistahs!! 🙂

  5. Cyn just hooked me up with your blog… What a wonderful, healing, connective idea!
    Thank you for sharing your ponderings with us!
    Now, I am exhausted from all this writing, time for a nap.

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