Winter Blast – By the Numbers

6 – Days of No Running
5 – Days of No Driving
4 – Snow Days to Make Up
3 – Fun Events Postponed
2 – Wild-eyed, Wrestlin’ Boys
1 – Diaper Left

We are emerging from the Northwest’s Winter Blast. After staring at the same walls, listening to the same X-Box games, answering the same question (“Do you think I’m going to school tomorrow?”) and being tagged from face to shin with countless snowballs, I thought that I would be annoyed, short-tempered, irritated, at the end of my rope. Surprisingly, I am not. I expected to be ready to high-tail it out of here at the first sign of snowmelt. Remarkably, that’s not the case. In fact, it was a rather pleasant week of being hunkered down at home, enjoying the simplicity of our surroundings. Thankfully, there was nowhere that I had to be. As the neighborhood roads were undriveable and unrunnable, we went for walks, built snowmen and a saucer run, and threw snowballs. We baked cookies and Shrinky Dinks. We admired the trees adorned with snow in our very own Winter Wonderland.

But the moments that I became keenly aware of were the ones in which my attention was not required or sought out — the ones in which the brothers became a team and worked together. One afternoon, as they conspired and played in the lower bunk, the chattering and chuckling was soon followed by a Bonk! Then crying and tears. “Are you OK? It’s gonna be OK” I heard as big brother comforted little brother. Another time I came downstairs to find big brother making two bags of microwave popcorn and two cups of hot cocoa to share with little brother. And one morning in the kitchen, the carrots were sliced precisely and perfectly, the potatoes peeled beautifully, by the 8-year-old while the broth was dumped into the Crock-Pot by the 3-year-old. Comforting, sharing, helping…they were the bright, beautiful, warm spots during a long, snowy, cold week.

So today I’ll drive, go to the gym and buy diapers, remembering not only the fun times in 15 inches of snow, but the accumulations in our household: brotherhood, love and teamwork.


4 thoughts on “Winter Blast – By the Numbers

  1. It’s good to know the lessons your Dad taught us about surviving the snow in Pinecrest, including “manning the fire”, paid off. Tee hee…..great post.

  2. Kira…you’ve got great and caring kids….Thanks for meeting was so nice to have time simply to talk as friends and not just cover schedules and what’s happenin!!! loved reading about your kids…you’ve got a God given gift

  3. I love this, Kira. Thank you for sharing. I am sitting here with a cup of coffee, reading your post and feel like I’ve just cuddled up with a great book! You should write books! I really feel the pride you have watching your kids get along, helping each other. Good job, Mom!!! I’m glad your time together was a memorable one! Love ya!! Karen

  4. Your sappy friend has tears running down her face. Your are an immense talent…meant for great things. I look forward to hearing more. Love you!

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